Did Someone Say 'Bagel of the Month'?

Yes we did! If you haven't heard, there is a NEW bagel of the month! It's a repeat from last year, but it's bigger and badder than ever and here for the month of October ONLY!

Introducing the...

Orange Cranberry Bagel

which is inspired by one of the best bagels we've ever had- an orange cranberry bagel from a little bagel shop all the way in Ventnor, New Jersey - Hot Bagels!

These bagels are made with white flour and have orange extract added to give them a slight citrus flavor and then they have chewy bits of dried cranberry. They are the perfect bagel to welcome fall and we are quite smitten with them.

How to Eat a Cranberry Orange Bagel

  • with cream cheese

  • with butter

  • with cream cheese & bits of chopped dried cranberry

  • with turkey and cranberry sauce (we haven't tried it, but I think it could be awesome)

  • straight from the toaster, warm

Some Notes:

  • these bagels are available for October only

  • orange cranberry bagels must be ordered in batches of 6 since the orange and cranberry go directly into the dough

  • share with friends or coworkers- they will love you




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