How Bruja's Bakery Has Become More Eco-Friendly

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Here at Bruja's Bakery, being eco-friendly is something that is important to us. We are not perfect, but over the last two years, we have made strides in being better to mother Earth. Just as our recipes, product offering, and practices have changed over the last 3 years, so have our efforts to make a little less of an impact on our eco system.

3 Ways We Have Become More Eco-Friendly

1. Bulk Ingredients: these days, we buy our ingredients in bulk whereas we used to purchase everything in small packaging. Of course, this is because we used to make fewer bagels, but now we have the ability to buy in larger quantities. We buy large quantities of: flour, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, sugar, malt, salt, and baking soda. We also make an effort to use bulk bin ingredients whenever possible for ingredients that we need in smaller quantities. For example, raisins, dried cranberries, and our nuts are purchased from bulk bin stores and are collected in re-usable containers.

2. Packaging: we used to use an embarrassing amount of plastic, but we have switched to using mostly paper products. It's not perfect, and we would like to use even less packaging than we do, but switching to paper has been a big step. Our bagels are packed in paper bags, our product bags are brown paper bags, our cake boxes are cardboard/ thick paper, and our cookie boxes are paper. We are currently in the process of switching out our stickers (which we DO love) for a stamp. Easier to use and better for the environment! Below, you can see (from top left clockwise): new cookie boxes and bagel bags, new product bags, cake boxes, old cookie boxes (plastic). If you ever want to bring your OWN bag, we are more than happy to package your bagels in a reusable bag!

3. Silpats: one of our biggest recent switches was deciding to use silpats instead of paper baking sheets. While paper is great, reusable is AWESOME. By switching to silpat sheets, we can bake all of our bagels and challahs on the same two sheets and we avoid throwing away an entire package of paper baking sheets per week. A big win!

Tell us: Is being eco-friendly something that is important to you? How would you like to see us improve?




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